This Cabernet Sauvignon pays homage to Evanthuis, a Hackney horse that was imported by Excelsior in 1913. This Hackney sire was a champion in Britain and America, winning first prize four times at the London Hackney show and in New York, in the days when the Hackney was the king of the world. He went on to win many titles in South Africa, including that of Rosebank’s Champion Stallion.

This Cabernet comes from the oldest vines on the farm. They were planted in 1988 in the best calcareous soils.

Tasting Notes:
Deep ruby red colour with a black core. This wine is full-bodied with aromas of blackcurrants, chocolate and cedar. The wine has rich, but soft tannins and a long finish

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In 1979 San Louis fell ill, stopped eating and grew tremendously weak. His grave was dug, but as he was being led to it, the decision was made to try and treat him for a little longer. Seven months later he had recovered completely. On 7 February 1981 San Louis won the 1600m Guineas horse race, one of South Africa’s most prestigious races.

This vineyard is situated on deep, calcareous soils that allow deep root penetration. This enables the vineyard to withstand heat and drought.

Tasting Notes:
This wine has an explosive nose of chocolate, espresso, fruitcake, and sweet oak spice. The palate is rich and very soft, with ripe flavours of black cherries and a long rich aftertaste.

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This Merlot pays homage to Gondolier, one of the most renowned thoroughbred racehorses bred at Excelsior. Six months after receiving extensive physiotherapy on an injury to his hind leg that had left him completely lame, Gondolier won the 1985 Durban July, South Africa’s most prestigious horse race. Today Gondolier is regarded as one of the legends of South African horse racing.

This Merlot comes from vines planted on calcareous soils and represent the best Merlot produced on Excelsior.

Tasting Notes:
Deep ruby red colour with a black core. This wine is medium to full-bodied with aromas of blackcurrants, chocolate and earth. The wine has rich but exceptionally soft tannins and a long finish.

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This Chardonnay pays homage to Christine Norah-Ann de Wet, our beloved sister. Norah-Ann was born during the great Lainsburg floods of 1981 and she and our mother were trapped in hospital on the other side of the Kogmanskloof river with little food, a cup of water a day and nothing more than a stub of candle for light. This dramatic start to life turned Norah-Ann into a fighter. She never backed down from a challenge and became a top academic and athletic achiever. Sadly, nothing could have prepared Norah-Ann for the battle against cancer, yet she faced it courageously and fought to the very end. She often spoke about making a barrel-aged Chardonnay and so we raise a toast to Norah-Ann, the strongest person we know.

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